Bh Cosmetics Haul w/ Swatches and Small Reviews

I have never purchased anything from Bh Cosmetics before because I always figured it was all the same as Coastal Scents. But lately I have been seeing these very interesting palettes from Bh Cosmetics that Coastal Scents did not have, so I thought I would give it a try. My complete total for all this stuff was just over $50. 

Galaxy Chic Palette

This palette has amazing color pay off and is very unique. The colors are also huge, like bigger than the size of a quarter. The other two palettes I purchased cannot even compare to this one. I am so excited about this palette! My favorite colors are Sun, Aphrodite, Saturn, Neptune, and Mars. 

Rate: 8/10


Take Me to Brazil Palette


This palette was pretty hit and miss. Mostly miss. I am sure with a strong base, this colors would be totally fine. But, the shimmery colors did not even have that great of color payoff! This was so surprising because there are so many dirt cheap shimmery eyeshadows that are extremely pigmented. The only color that I particularly liked in this palette was the white highlight shade a the bottom. It is very beautiful. It was actually so nice that I might even reach for this palette just for that shade. Other than that, I was not impressed. 

Rate: 4/10

Eyes on the 60s Palette

This palette was a little better than Take Me To Brazil. One cool thing about this palette is that the black is a true, awesome, matte black. Also, rows 2 and 5 are pretty good too. The matte shades in this palette are pretty good too, and they would work a ton better with a strong base. One thing I really do not like is the packaging. There is a clear slip attached to it, which would be fine in normal cases because I would just cut it off, but in this case, I cannot do that. The clear slip is what keeps the eyeshadows from being exposed through the decretive holes on the cover. 

Rate: 6/10

Floral Blush Duos 

 Iris, Tulip, Rose 

Iris, Tulip, Rose 

 Iris, Tulip, Rose

Iris, Tulip, Rose

These are very lovely. The pigmentation is great, wear is long, and the color selection is good. I really do not have any complaints about these blushes, they are just beautiful. I wish I bought the entire collection! I really love the darker color in the Rose duo, and the highlight shade in the Tulip duo. They are so pretty alone and together. 

Rate: 9/10

Face Products:

I cannot review any of them because they are all so far off from being my shade. Thank the website for not having true to color photos!