School Makeup Bag Essentials


Hair ties and bobby pins are definitely must haves to keep in at least your backpack. You never know when you are going to need them, and it is safe to say you're going to have a friend in need as well. I bought this small pack of bobby pins from Target, and I have several of them that I keep in various places. 


I always keep my current favorite lip products in my school makeup bag, or just the lip product(s) I am wearing for that day. I will always have a NYX Butter Gloss on me though. They are so soft, they have a good amount of color, and they smell so yummy. You can honestly replace your lip balm with these lip glosses. 


Lip balm and elf Lip Exfoliator. Lip balm is an obvious must, but who thinks to take a lip exfoliator to school? Elf's Lip Exfoliator is not messy at all, shaped lip a lipstick so it's easy to carry, and also leaves your lips feeling moisturized and not just exfoliated. You don't even need a lip balm with this product. So, if your lips ever get chapped lips during class and it's causing a huge distraction, just pull this product out and you're good to go. 


An acne spot treatment is good to keep handy. You never know when a pimple is going to pop up, or if you wake up with one and want to treat it while you're at school. Elf's Zit Zapper is good because it is fingers free. If you apply your acne treatment at school with your fingers, you're just adding more bacteria around the zit area which is totally defeating the purpose of treating it. Get the Elf Zit Zapper so you can treat your acne cleanly. 


Concealer is too obvious, but you have to add it. It doesn't hurt to freshen up your makeup in the middle of the day, but make sure you aren't caking it on. To avoid that, take a napkin and blot your face before apply your concealer again. The napkin will pick up and product build up that has settled in fine lines from the earlier application so you aren't mixing old makeup with new makeup. 


Tweezers and a brow pencil and gel are good to keep around incase you need to touch up on your brows throughout the day. The Revlon Brow Fantasy is a great two in one product. It comes with your brow pencil and a brow gel setter. 


This is a lip and cheek tint. Several brands make this type of product like Benefit and Tarte, but this tint is by the Balm. The reason I like this product is because of how small and travel friendly it is. With the Benefit Benetint, it is pretty bulky and odd shaped. This Stainiac doesn't take up so much room, and tints are great for some natural looking color. I love refreshing my cheek color with some tint. 

The one thing I am missing here is blotting sheets! BLOTTING SHEETS ARE SO AMAZING. I just could not find mine to take a picture of it. But blotting sheets can make you look clean and feel refreshed anytime you need them. They are also great to use before touching up your makeup.  I hope you found this post useful :)