My Top 5 Blogs to Check Daily


A Girl, Obsessed

A lifestyle and beauty blog ran by Ms. Mandy. Her posts are always inspirational, photos are artistic and I know I will always enjoy a trip to her page. Mandy's blogging tips help me tremendously and she serves as a huge inspiration. She was one of the first blogs I truly followed and I have been a huge fan since. You won't regret checking out her blog, plus she posts super regularly. 


I know I can count on Christine from Temptalia to keep me updated on the latest makeup releases. As a beauty blogger and enthusiast, Temptalia's blog is not only entertaining, but super useful too. Her photos are always professional and the quality is consistent. I always check her blog before making purchases because I can count on her to have high quality swatches and honest reviews. She posts several times a day, so I am constantly checking her page. 

The Sunday Girl

The Sunday Girl is another beauty blog I really love. She posts on average about 2 times a day which is incredible and her content is always good. She has so many useful tips and tricks, plus product reviews. I always look forward to a blog post from The Sunday Girl. 

Thirteen Thoughts 

I discovered Thirteen Thoughts through Pinterest when looking up tips to improve my blog photos. Thirteen Thoughts is another beauty and lifestyle blog and is beautifully ran. Her photos serve as a huge inspiration to me and her blogging tips are super useful. Her content is unique and I always enjoy seeing a new post from her. 

Hello Natural

Hello Natural has amazing DIY beauty related posts that consist of all natural ingredients. They are so creative and easy to do. My all time favorite is the Coconut Oil and Green Tea moisturizer. I use it just about everyday and my skin becomes so nice and smooth. Stephanie's blog is always super informative and has some great tips on there. I love trying out her DIYs and reading about natural ways for better living. 

I like to keep up with my favorite blogs through Bloglovin'. Bloglovin' immediately updates you when the blogs you follow post something new. I have the app, and I love scrolling down my feed looking for new content or something interesting to read. It's an amazing tool to stay updated and find new blogs to follow. Follow me on Bloglovin also to stay updated whenever I post something new!

What are your favorite blogs to follow?