Ways to Feel Less Cluttered: Room Edition

I share a small bedroom with my boyfriend at my parents house. He moved in a little over a year ago and for the most part it has been easy. I did have to give up a large portion of my room for a second bed and make room for twice as many clothes. Often times, I feel very cluttered in this small space and I let it get the best of me when it begins to drive me nuts. To keep myself sane, I like to do these small things to keep my room feeling less cluttered and more homey. 


1. Do the laundry and put it away. Laundry builds up so quickly when there is two of you. Pajamas, school clothes, work clothes times two. I let that pile of laundry sit in the hamper until it begins to overflow onto the floor. I'll stare at that pile for days until it finally gets done and once it does, my room feels so much more open and clean. I try and put all my laundry away after it comes out of the drier to keep things looking organized. 

2. Open up a window. On a beautiful day, opening up your window and letting the fresh air fill your room is not only relaxing, but I feel like it gives the illusion of a more spacious area. The light from outside fills your room making everything bright and the stale air leaves while inviting in fresh new air. I try and open up my window whenever the weather is right. 

3. Throw things away. I usually have one or two target bags lying around my room, because I am obsessed with going to target. But those bags really come in handy for collecting trash. I go around my room and throw away empty boxes or plastic wrap, old school papers, candy wrappers my boyfriend "forgets" to pick up and little things like that. We have quite the water bottle collection under our beds and I like to gather them all up recycle them when I finally get around to it. Throwing away trash will obviously help keep your room less cluttered. 

5. Put up a shelf. Sometimes you run out of room on the floor. Putting up a shelf is a good way to keep things off the floor and it gives you more space to store things without it looking messy. You can organize it the way you want and it can end up looking really nice! I have a disgusting amount of lotions and perfumes, and I like to display them on my shelf because it keeps them all together and looks clean and organized. 

6. Sell your old clothes. Going through your clothes and getting rid of the outfits you don't wear anymore is a good way to make a little money and also free up some space in your closet. I like talking my old clothes to Plato's Closet. I can usually walk away with about $50 from just a shopping bag full of old clothes. Tip: When bringing in clothes, make sure they are seasonally appropriate. They most likely won't take a summer dress in the dead of winter.  

7. Store your non-weather appropriate clothes away. I especially like doing this with winter clothes. Big bulky sweaters and scarfs can really take over a closet, and there is really no reason for them to be out year-round. I like to store my winter clothes away in the summer months and vice versa to clear room in my closet and keep things looking neat. It's that time of year now that I need to bring my winter box down and put all my bathing suits, tank tops and shorts away!

What are some ways you like to declutter your room?