Beauty Tips I Wish I Knew When Starting Out

Nobody is brilliant with makeup right from the start. Makeup takes practice and having all the right materials. I started wearing makeup in middle school. My mom bought me 3 eyeshadows from MAC (CLUB, Stars N' Rockets, and Freshwater) and a MAC 266 eyeliner brush when I was first starting out. If you are familiar with those shades, you're probably wondering what she was thinking. Me too. The eyeliner brush was probably a good idea so I wouldn't over do it, but then she got me 3 MAC eyeliners in Molasses, Buried Treasure, and Prussian. I wore the heck out of Buried Treasure, a dark brown with gold shimmer. It was a beautiful shade, but for some reason I thought it was okay to wear it all over. Now, here are the beauty techniques I wish I knew:


1. Use an eyeshadow primer. That Buried Treasure eyeliner would look like a puddle of mud on my eyes by the end of the day, and I figured it was a hopeless case. But, I didn't know the magic of eye primer. 

2. Learn to love your oily skin. I used drench my face in powder thinking it would get rid of my oily skin. I wish I knew then that oily skin is beautiful and to embrace it. 

3. Stop drying your skin out and moisturize. Rubbing alcohol twice a day and skipping out on moisturizer is not going to help, it's going to make things worse. 

4. Find your exact shade. For some reason, I always leaned more towards lighter foundation and powder shades. This caused me to look like a ghost and that was not cute. It especially was not cute when I'd powder my entire face with white powder foundation and had no idea what bronzing was. 

5. Black eyeliner is not your friend. It took me a while to realize I look much more awake and fresh when I skip the eyeliner. I wore black eyeliner all throughout middle school, and looking back on pictures makes me cringe because of it. 

6. Learn the importance of brows. At least I wasn't doing the alternative which would be over drawing them. 

7. Good brushes make the worlds of a difference. 

8. Clumpy, spider lashes are never the answer. Especially on your bottom lashes. 

9. Matte, Matte, Matte. STOP. For some reason everything was about being matte. Matte foundation, matte powder, matte blush. Put some glow into that face, baby!

10. Put some color back into your lips. Yes, I was the girl who wore concealer and lipgloss on her lips. If only I knew the power of a little Twig Lipstick from MAC. 

No matter how much you wish you could go back in time and tell yourself to put the eyeliner down and add some glow to those cheeks, always remember that everything is a learning process. If I didn't do any of that then, then imagine how horrid I'd look today! 

What are some beauty tips you wish you knew when you were younger?