$25 & Under Gift Guide for Him

Here is my gift guide for gifts under $25! 

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Clinique’s Great Skin Kit To Go

This kit comes with four travel sized skin care products for men. This is perfect for that guy in your life who likes staying well groomed and having clear skin. It comes with a face wash, scrub, mattifying moisturizer and an eye cream. Clinique makes great products and their skincare line is consistently good. It is just under $20 and I think it would be nice as a gift on it’s own.

NFL Leather Wallet

I bought this wallet for my little brother a few years ago and he still loves it. The wallet price varies depending on what team you buy, but they are all around $20. This wallet would be a great gift for someone who loves sports and a specific team in particular. When in doubt, a sports team gift is usually the way to go. My dad and brother love the Redskins (a difficult team to love, sadly) so getting a Redskins themed gift is usually my go-to. A wallet is good because it is practical and usable.

Gooseneck iPad/iPhone Mount

This is a really useful item for those chefs, or someone who just likes watching things on their iPads and iPhones. Someone can mount this on the side of a kitchen counter for easy access to a recipe, or they can mount it to a coffee table for easy video viewing. This is just under $22 on Amazon and I think it would make a really cool and useful gift for anyone who is constantly using their phone.

Game of Thrones Dothraki Living Language

Trust me, anyone who is a Game of Thrones fan would love to own this book. Dothraki is a language spoken by the Dothraki in Game of Thrones. This book teaches you how to speak the language and includes an hour long CD with more information. This book is so cool and would be an awesome gift for that Game of Thrones fan in your life, and trust me, you have one.

Urban Outfitters Classic Beanie

Beanies are a great gift and look really cute on boys. Urban Outfitters has nice quality beanies for usually inexpensive. Currently, they are on sale for $10 which is way cheap, but usually they are a little more expensive. Most of the time though, they do have a BOGO for a certain price. I put this in the $25 of less gift guide because you gotta get two of them! Pick out two colors for that guy in your life and you got a nice gift for $20.

Weird Soda Sample 6 Pack

Boys love trying weird things. That’s why this weird soda sampler pack would be a super funny and interesting gift for a guy. Bacon, cookie dough, buffalo chicken wings, ranch… Some of them sound gross, but a boy will sure try them! It would be a fun experience for him and he’ll appreciate the weirdness. This sampler pack is a little less than $17 and you can buy them individually if you just want to try a few. This website has tons of cool stuff so you are bound to find something.

Mieroglyphs Bracelets

This is something that is a little more meaningful and probably a good gift if you are in a serious relationship with someone or maybe want to get one of your family members something nice. These bracelets come with inspirational quotes on the inside that you can customize or leave as is. The bracelets are unisex and there are more masculine colors and more feminine colors. I think a good idea for these bracelets if you wanted to customize them would be to put an anniversary date on the inside or a sweet note that they can read. Without a coupon code, these bracelets are $29.99, but Mieroglyphs reached out to me and asked if I wanted to create a 20% off coupon for my readers. If you use the coupon code FBL20, then you get 20% off your entire purchase, which would make the bracelets $24. I bought some myself and shipping was only $3 which is awesome. Check out my review on them before you purchase! 

I want to quickly remind you of Ebates. Ebates is a way to get cash back on your online purchases. It is completely free and definitely works! So far I have received over $90 back on my online purchases. I wish I knew about it sooner! Sign up for Ebates* right now before you do any of your holiday gift shopping. 

Also, HauteLook* is a great way to get high end brand items at a super discounted price. Last year, I got my boyfriend a name brand leather jacket worth over $300 for only a $80. And, it is a legit site too, it is ran by Nordstrom. They sell jewelry, clothing, shoes, makeup, fragrances, for super inexpensive. I highly recommend you check them out for your holiday shopping as well. 

What are you looking forward to most this holiday season?

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