sugar Cosmetics Review


Sugar Cosmetics was recently on HauteLook. The brand is really affordable to begin with, but even more so with the HauteLook discount. I tried looking at reviews before I made my purchase, but not many came up, which made me want it more! I picked up a few products that seemed interesting to me and a few that I was curious about. They looked a bit like little girl makeup, but I always believe there is always those diamonds in the rough. 


Blend Full-Coverage Concealer: This concealer is super full coverage and blendable. It's a bit thick, but it does not feel that way on the face. It is great for covering blemishes and evening your skin tone on your nose or chin. It reminds me a lot of the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer in smell, texture, and coverage. I got this for $5 on HauteLook. 

Finish Skin Perfecting Primer: This primer definitely held up my makeup and created a nice base for everything. It did not feel like silicone, so that's great for people who try and stay away from that ingredient. I did notice a tiny bit of creasing in my smile lines, but that was only after a 12 hour day of school and work. This primer was $7.50. 


Line N Shine Eyeliner Pencils in Onyx and Penny: These are beautiful. They are highly pigmented and extremely creamy. I'm going to be honest, I didn't think that these eyeliners would hold up. I had a bad feeling that these were not going to be pigmented or soft, especially the black. I was presently surprised to find that the black eyeliner is just as good as any of them. Penny, a cooper gold color, is so pretty and is a good creamy base for eyeshadow as well. Also, both of the eyeliners came with a small pencil sharpener, which I think it just awesome because most of the time companies sell these separately. These were $4.50.


Sweet Cheeks Cheek Color in Just Pinched: This was such a good buy, especially with summer coming up. The color looked so fresh on my cheeks and literally lasted all day long. From morning to night, this product did not even fade. The wear and texture of this reminded me a lot of Tarte's Cheek Stains, which are painful to fork over money for. I got this for $5 and I really wish I picked up some more.


Shadow Palette in Skinny Dipping: This palette did not impress me. For $5, it is a great, affordable palette for someone who just needs a few simple shades, but compared to what else is out there, it is nothing special. The pigmentation was not horrible, but it just wasn't worth it. Then, they threw in this random sticky, glittery thing. It was like glue with green glitter. I don't know what they thought I was going to do with that. Maybe pop it on the center of my lid? And maybe I would if it wasn't glue and the glitter color made sense. Anyway, I might give this away to the little girl I babysit for. She might have fun with it for play makeup. 


Sugar Stack Stackable Makeup Wand in Day: This was such a cute concept. I loved the idea of this for traveling and a quick, convenient way to do my makeup when I'm in a rush. This would have been awesome, but sometimes things are just too good to be true. I was able to create a really nice look using all these things, but the staying power was not there at all. The eyeshadows creased on me even with a really good primer, the lip color didn't even make it past a half hour and the blush shades looked good but the texture was just not for me. It's like I felt them on my cheeks. And, the eyeshadows really irritated my eyes, which is never good. Also, these are so tiny that if you used these everyday, they might not even last you a whole month. I was really hoping these would work out. I paid $6 for this. 


Sugar-Licious Sugar Lip Scrub: I love scrubs, whether they are for your lips or skin. I really wanted to try this out because I'm always looking to try new exfoliators and whatnot. I use the Lush Lip Scrub, and unfortunately, this is nowhere near as good as Lush. It's strange because it is almost like 90% lip balm 10% exfoliants. I guess if you are looking for something not very intense, then maybe this would be good for you. I like things to be a little more harsh. This was $5.  


Sugar Balm Lip Balm: This lip balm is surprisingly really nice quality. I expected it to be like a cheaply made Smackers lip balm, but it felt really good and hydrating on my lips. The smell is really sweet too. It's like a sweet coconut. Also, the packaging is excellent! It's not plastic. It's like metal packaging which that by itself makes it feel like a nice product. This was $4. 

Overall Thoughts: I believe this line is made up of hits and misses. My favorites are the Cheek Color and face primer. The most disappointing product was the Stackable Makeup Wand. If you see this brand anywhere (I'm not sure where they sell these in stores) I would definitely pick up a few things to try them out. You never know what might become your next holy grail product!