Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit: Is it worth it?


The ABH Contour Kit was on my list of prom needs. I searched for it in 2 Sephoras, Ulta and Macy's. Everywhere it was sold out. I finally decided to buy it through using the new Flash Shipping (the BEST idea ever), and it got here in 2 days. After talking to a few workers at Ulta, they were bashing this contour kit, saying it makes you look like you have mud on your face and that there are better kits out there. I guess I needed to see for myself.

When it arrived, I was so excited, even after all the shit I heard about it. I took off all my makeup to have a fresh canvas to play with. I used a generic angled brush and the shade Fawn for the contouring and I thought it came out awesome. My cheekbones were beautifully defined, and my face had structure. Sand is the shimmery highlight shade and is perfect for everyone. It is subtle and glowy. I like putting the Banana shade under my eyes and under my cheekbone contour to further define and clean up.

The only thing that the Ulta workers were right about, was when they said that I was going to be paying $40 for a palette that I would only be using for a few shades. I really only use Fawn, Banana and Sand. Banana and Sand only when I have a little extra time. But, if you think about it this way, you are paying $40 for a palette of 6 colors whereas if you bought them all separately on the ABH website, it would cost you $84 plus the cost of an empty palette. 

I think that the range of colors is perfect. There is a dark cool toned contour, a light cool toned contour, a warm toned contour/bronzer, a very wearable highlight, a yellow matte highlight and a pink matte highlight. There is something for most skin tones, and if you need a darker range of shades, they have a palette for that too. 

The thing that drew me more towards this than the Kat Von D contour palette was that the shades are refillable. I use a tiny bit of the contour shades, but I use up highlighting shades like nobody's business. This would have been an issue for me if I went with KVD because the highlighting shades are so much more tiny than the contour shades, and none of them are refillable. 


I am no makeup artist and I have not even tried out other kits to compare to this one, but from a person who loves makeup, loves looking good, and loves connivence, I think this is a great kit. It has everything you would need, the shades are all refillable, the range is perfect for myself, they are pigmented, easily blendable and I can't think of a single thing I would change about it. Next time someone is bashing a product you want to try, go ahead and still try it. Worst case scenario, you hate it and get your money back.