Saucebox Batalash Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches


The packaging is so cute. It's a standard size and has a decent size mirror. The shadows are huge too. They are slightly bigger than the powders in the Anastasia Contour Kit and slightly smaller than a MAC Blush. You can also easily take out the shadows and rearrange them or move them into a Z Palette. I love that the shadows are big. It makes it more worth the $60. 

  Vanilla, Winter Brown, Cinnamon, Lace Noir  Enigma, Electro, Poppy, Nova 


Vanilla, Winter Brown, Cinnamon, Lace Noir 

Enigma, Electro, Poppy, Nova 

Compared to a MAC Blush 

Compared to a MAC Blush 

Compared to an ABH Powder

Compared to an ABH Powder


I incorporated every color in this eye look except for Popper (the electric blue). The look turned out really pretty and fall appropriate. I used Winter Brown and Cinnamon in the crease, Enigma all over the lid, Electro in the inner corner, and Nova on the lower lash line. For smoked out liner, I used Lace Noir above my lash line and blended the tiniest bit into the outer corner to deepen up the look. For a brow bone highlight, I used Vanilla. 

The pigmentation is amazing and these shadows blend like a dream. I especially love the matte shadows. Anyone can appreciate blendable and pigmented matte shadows.

Sam from Batalash was explaining their idea behind this palette. They wanted something that can be a goto, everyday palette where you could incorporate pops of color. I love the idea, but I don't think this could be my goto, everyday palette. An everyday look for me would be a champagne shimmery shade all over the lid with a matte brown crease. I could use the Batalash palette, but I would definitely have to pull other palettes in. 

Overall, if you are a big fan of Batalash I would totally recommend this palette. You'll definitely find use out of it and it would be a good addition to your collection. I am in love with the matte shadows. As for the pop of colors, Nova, Electro and Enigma are beautiful and I can see myself getting some use out of those. I don't love Poppy. I wish Poppy had a different finish. It's more of a satin than a shimmer, and I wish it was a shimmer. I'm just being picky now though. 

This palette retails for $60 on the Saucebox website. Use the coupon code SAUCEBOX10 to receive 10% off! I wish I had that coupon when I preordered this. 

Let me know what your thoughts are and if you are going to pick up this beautiful palette!