Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Bar Palette Review & Swatches

Silk Sheets, Gold Status, Bold Bling, Wild Nights, Invite Only, Filthy Rich 

Silk Sheets, Gold Status, Bold Bling, Wild Nights, Invite Only, Filthy Rich 

A customizable makeup product always catches my eye. I first saw this product and idea of Buxom's on the Sephora website. I love the idea of customizing an eyeshadow palette and 6 shadows for $40 is a pretty good deal to me, especially since you get to choose your shades. Individually, each shadow is $12. So if you run out of a shade, it would be $12 to get a new one. If you buy 6 shades, it would be $40 including the palette. That makes it a little less than $7 a shadow. 

I put the shadows that interested me in my online shopping cart, but I decided that seeing them in person before I bought it would be a better idea. I highly recommend going to Sephora and swatching the shadows for yourself. Although you won't be disappointed with any of the pigmentation of the shades, you will still find that shades look different online than they do in person, which is usually the case. 

After covering my arm with swatches, I finally was able to narrow down to 6 shades. Three shimmery wearable shades, a bright pop of color, and two matte shades. I am thrilled with my choices. I love champagne, bronzy, and golden eyeshadows so of course I wanted to include those in this palette. Whenever I do a pop of color, I usually lean towards purple. The purple I included is like a purple, plum shade and it's stunning. As for the matte shades, I wanted a good transition shade and a brown I can put into my crease to deepen a look. Needless to say, I love my personal palette. 

Silk Sheets, Gold Status, Bold Bling, Wild Nights, Invite Only, Filthy Rich

Silk Sheets, Gold Status, Bold Bling, Wild Nights, Invite Only, Filthy Rich

Not only is this an amazing idea, but the quality you are getting is incredible. I was so surprised when I was swatching these in Sephora. It seemed as though each shade was better than the next. I never tried Buxom shadows before, but damn they are nice. They are smooth, pigmented, and blendable. They are everything you'd want in a shadow. Even the mattes are great. 

If you think about it this way, spending $40 on an eyeshadow palette where you know you are going to use all the shades instead of $54 on a palette that you are going to only use half of, is a better way to spend your money. I hardly use all the shades in my Naked palettes, but I know I'll be reaching for my customized Buxom palette pretty often. 

Overall, I think this is an awesome buy and a great idea on Buxom's part. I know I am going to recommend doing this to everyone I know that is in the market of an eyeshadow palette, and I'm going to influence my sister to create one too. It is great for someone who is first starting out with makeup too because they can pick out their own shades instead of being overwhelmed by the countless palettes out there.  I also have to say that this would be awesome for traveling. Six of your favorite eyeshadow shades in one sleek palette. They have an amazing matte black which would be great to include in your palette to use as eyeliner or to deepen your crease. 

Let me know your thoughts and how you would customize your own Buxom palette!