Smashbox Crush on Blush Palette Review & Swatches


This palette is a Nordstrom exclusive. When I went to the mall the other afternoon, it definitely caught my eye. The highlight looked stunning, it had four very wearable and beautiful blush shades, and one light bronzer shade. It looked right up my alley. Plus, it has a full sized mirror and the packaging is very practical with a strong magnet. 

The woman at the Smashbox counter was so excited to tell me about this palette when I asked her about it. She said she can't stop wearing it and using it on customers. She also shared with me a unique blush combination she liked using (Guava and Rosy). 

The only thing that was keeping me on the fence about buying this palette were the coral shades. I went through a small phase where I was obsessed with coral blushes but now I can't stand the thought of wearing them, lol. I figured maybe this palette would change my feelings on coral cheeks and the highlight and other two blush shades were hard to resist. The bronzer in this palette is light, so it would work well on more pale and light medium skin tones. I am a medium skin tone and this bronzer adds a subtle amount of color to the face which I find to enjoy on myself. 

Shimmer, Warm Apricot, Guava, Suntan, Rosy, Rosette

Shimmer, Warm Apricot, Guava, Suntan, Rosy, Rosette

These blushes go on so nice and smoothly. The pigmentation is awesome and the wear is good too. I wore Suntan to warm up my face, a mix of Guava and Rosy as blush and Shimmer as my highlight to work. I worked a 5 hour shift in a hot restaurant and my blush still looked amazing after I got off. 

I am such a fan of these blushes, but especially the highlight. I am always purchasing highlighters because I love trying new ones. This highlight has got to be in my top favorites after only a few times of use. It is so beautiful, shimmery, finely milled, and just freakin perfect. It makes me feel like a glowing princess who just got back from Fairytopia. 

For $45, you are getting 4 beautiful blushes, 1 amazing highlight, and 1 wearable bronzer. I think that is absolutely amazing. Usually in a palette, I only find a few shades that work for me, but in this one, I love them all. I am so glad I bought this palette when I had the chance. It is limited edition and you can only buy it on Smashbox's website or at Nordstrom. 

Let me know what you think and if you're going to snag up this gem before it is too late!