At Home Pampering

I am a huge fan of at-home grooming. It saves money, time, and I find it to be more relaxing. I usually do all these steps before a big event, or if I am feeling a little down on myself (especially around my period). Taking care of yourself and feeling good about how you look is a great pick-me-up. 


Before my shower I like to eat a healthy breakfast and drink lots of water. I've been loving my Define Bottle. There is a compartment where you add fruits and then fill it up with water. Fruit infused water tastes good, has extra vitamins, and looks pretty (which makes me want to drink more!). Drinking lots of water helps flush toxins out of the body and, of course, keeps you hydrated. Both which are amazing for the skin. If you're having problems with bloating, drink some water with lemon. Here, I am drinking water with lemon and strawberries for extra flavor. Lemon is always great for the skin. I use it to naturally brighten dark areas on my face. 

Another thing I do before my shower is use facial bleach. My favorite is the Jolen Creme Bleach. I use the bleach to lighten the dark hair on my face. It doesn't bleach the skin, if you were worried. I'll bleach my upper lip, chin, the sideburn area, and around my jaw. Basically wherever men grow beards. This helps brighten up my face and also makes my skin look more even toned. I do this before my shower because you don't want to put bleach on freshly clean skin. 

During my shower I'll go ahead and exfoliate, probably shave, and I'll listen to music. When I am looking for something relaxing, my goto is usually Lana Del Rey. Her voice is so beautiful and calming. I listen to all my music on Spotify

After my hot shower, my pores are all nice and open. I'll go ahead and wax my upper lip and eyebrows with the GiGi Honey Wax from Sally Beauty Supply. I've been waxing my own upper lip and eyebrows for years so I'm pretty comfortable doing them myself. Waxing after the shower helps the hairs come out more easily, but it also makes your skin more sensitive. Right after I wax, I make sure I go in with some coconut oil or Egyptian Magic to condition my skin. 

While my pores are still open, I'll use my Biore Deep Cleaning Pore Strips. I swear by these. If anyone says they didn't work on them, it's because they didn't use them right. They work best right after a hot shower. I use them on my nose and they get 95% of the gunk out of my pores. While I wait about 20 minutes for it to harden completely, I like to moisturize my skin with the Organic Healing Balm from The Honest Co. I focus this stuff on my knees and elbows, wherever my skin is rough and dry. I've been loving this balm. My knees and elbows have been a lot more soft because of it. After I peel off my Pore Strip, I rinse the area with cold water and add my face moisturizer.

All these steps done together might be too harsh on your skin. Mine can definitely tolerate it, but if your skin is super sensitive, I'd try doing the pore strip, waxing, and bleach a few days apart from each other. I am also not doing this everyday, not even every week. I might do this twice a month, but definitely when I have a big event. 

How to you pamper yourself for a big event? Do you like at home pampering?