What's in my Going-Out Bag

The things I keep in my Going-Out bag are minimal. I use this bag for when I am going out (obviously), but don't want to take all the contents of my life with me. I got this cute little bag from Target. It's a good size to keep your necessities in, but small enough to not be a hassle. And it's cross body, a style that I love. 


First off, I obviously keep my keys and phone in there. Next, I have my Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation for touchups when I get a little too shiny or want to freshen up my face. It's also good to keep around so you're always photo ready ;)

I keep whatever lipstick I'm wearing that day in my bag too for touchups, and also a good lip balm. My favorite at the moment is the Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia. I really love it because it's a low maintenance lip color that is moisturizing. I also keep eye drops in my bag too because I have the most insanely dry, irritated eyes on the planet.

Lastly, I have my cute wallet. It's not very practical because there are no separate compartments for my ID, cards and cash. Just a little coin pouch really, but it's the perfect size to fit cards in there, so that's what I use it for. My grandparents brought a ton of them back from Thailand and now it has a home in my bag. 

What do you keep in your bag? Do you have separate bags for different activities?