How To Get Hired at Chipotle

I have been working at Chipotle Mexican Grill for over two years. If anyone has any questions on how to get hired, I am the one with the answers! Not to brag, but I've been through two general managers who have both adored me, the regional manager thinks I am brilliant, and my regional manager's boss has nothing but good things to say about me.


I wanted to make this post because my experience at Chipotle has been life changing.  Chipotle is a tough job, but since it was my first I didn't know any better. It has taught me so many life skills and I am grateful for that. Chipotle was my first application, first interview, and first job. I applied on a Wednesday night, got a call Thursday morning and went in for an interview that afternoon. I was hired on the spot. Here is how: 

  1. I was nothing but smiles. 
  2. I made the interviewer laugh. 
  3. I had specific Chipotle dining experiences to share. 
  4. I spoke loudly and clear. 
  5. I had background knowledge on what Chipotle cared about as a restaurant. 

My interview was over 2 years ago, and that is what I remembered from it. Obviously, it went well since I was hired on the spot. Now here are some tips for you:

  1. Do your research. Having knowledge on Chipotle brings in so many brownie points. Know what kind of company they strive to be, when and where Chipotle started, and who the founder is. 
  2. Ask questions. Asking questions is a great way to engage with whoever is interviewing them. When I am interviewing someone, I want them to be curious about what it is like working at Chipotle. Questions like "How long have you been working here," "What has it been like," and "What is your favorite thing about working here" are great questions to ask. 
  3. Be confident. Confidence and healthy pride really shows well. Be proud of what you have accomplish and share it with us. Always have something to say when you are asked about yourself. Share a past job, where you go to school, or things you enjoy doing. It's always refreshing seeing someone who knows how to answer the "Tell me about yourself" question with confidence. 
  4. Wear your smile and make eye contact. Seems basic, but you have no idea how many times people won't even crack a smile or look me in the eyes during an interview. Being infectiously enthusiastic is one thing we look for in a future crew member, and it's one thing that is definitely lacking in most people. 

Many people apply to Chipotle with a misconception of what the job will be like. Chipotle is not your typical fast food job. We have high standards for our restaurant and the people we hire. Chipotle might not be the job for you if you have any of the qualities listed here: 

  1. Someone who is not friendly.
  2. Someone who has a nasty attitude in response to things not going their way. 
  3. Unwillingness to learn about Chipotle.
  4. Someone who does not care about customer service. We want to give the customer the best possible experience. 
  5. Someone who does not like working in teams. Chipotle is all about teamwork. 
  6. Someone who does not like working in a fast pace environment where they are required to work with urgency.
  7. Someone who has never eaten Chipotle before. Come on, at least try it before you apply!

None of this is a foolproof way on getting hired at Chipotle. These are just some pointers I have picked up along the way of being an employee for so long. These will definitely give you a head start in the right direction, and hopefully give you more confidence for your interview. 

Good luck!