Small Mall Trip

Today I went to the mall because I needed to exchange my Naked Skin Concealer. I picked up a few other things too. 


My first pair of American Apparel shorts. I am already in love! Hollister had a sale that was $18 for shorts. I got so excited, but none of them looked good on me. I figured I would splurge a little and buy a pair that actually fits well, and that would last me forever. My new American Apparel shorts are super flattering and I know they are going to be my most worn shorts. 

From American Apparel, I also picked up a super cute floral scrunchie. I've been really liking scrunchies lately. They are a lot less damaging to your hair and I think they are cute. This scrunchie was on sale for $3. 

My new sunglasses and earrings are from Francesca's. They had a BOGO 50% off deal on accessories, and their accessories are always cute.