10 Things I Wish I Could Have Told Myself Freshman Year of High School

1. Don't hate your school. You'll end up loving it your senior year and regret not taking advantage of the good times you could have had the past 3 years. 

2. You are going to college. Stop thinking you don't need to. 

3. Branch out from your normal friend group. There's a group of awesome people wanting to get to know you. 

4. Your first boyfriend is going to be around for awhile, but he is not the one and you are definitely not going to marry him. 

5. Don't let your boyfriend get in the way of Movie Night with your friends on Fridays. He isn't worth it, and your friends will hate you for it. 

6. Honestly, look for a different boyfriend. The one you have will not be flexible or as nice as he seems. 

7. Take those silly purple streaks out of your hair that you claim are cute. 

8. Take Fifteen by Taylor Swift seriously. Or you'll sit in your car at 18 sobbing over how true it is. 

9. Take Spanish immediately, and take it every year after that. Actually try to learn too. Knowing a second language is cool.  

10. Stop obsessing over people. It's annoying and they aren't as important or perfect as you think.

What are some things you wish you could have told your freshman self?