Affordable Makeup Palettes: Face, Cheeks, and Eyes

Makeup Palettes are one of my favorite things to purchase. I love the convince of a good palette. To me, a good palette is something that is versatile, functional, and of course high quality. In the makeup world, palettes can be expensive. Here, I took my favorite affordable palette options from the face, cheek and lip category. 


Coastal Scents Revealed Palette. Coastal Scents makes some amazing products, and the Revealed palette is definitely on the top of my list. There isn't a color in here that disappoints, even the mattes are good. The matte black is nice and deep, the shimmery shades are out of this world, and everything is creamy and blendable. If you are torn between the Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2, get this. This palette has dupes from each of those, and they perform pretty much identically. Check out this comparison post I made for the two: Coastal Scents Revealed Palette: Urban Decay Naked Dupes.

NYX Contour, Conceal, Correct Palette. This palette does it all for the face. It has a salmon and yellow toned correctors that do wonders for dark circles, light concealer shades, and dark contouring shades. You and mix colors together to get your perfect shade too. This palette is great for me because in the summer I get very tan, but in the winter my skin starts getting a little lighter. My skin tone will change, and this palette helps me prepare for that. The concealer is a medium to full coverage, and the wear is great as long as you set it. Here is a post all about some of my favorite NYX products: My Favorite NYX Products

ELF Blush Palette. Considering this palette is only $6 and it comes with 4 amazing cheek shades and a great size mirror is just amazing. The packaging gets an A+ for me. The mirror stays up on its own and the packaging a nice and sleek. I love cheek palettes because you can easily mix shades too, something you don't even think about doing with single blushes. You get 3 beautiful blushes and 1 shade that can be a blush/bronzer depending on your skin tone. The only thing it is missing is a highlight shade, but luckily this palette is interchangeable and ELF has a highlighting palette in this style too (I just think it might be sold out)! The pigmentation and blendablity of these blushes are so good and this palette is definitely something you should pick up. 

What are your favorite drugstore makeup palettes?