My Perfect Imperfections

This tag used to be very big around YouTube a couple of years ago and I remember sitting at my desk at the age of 13 seeing all these beautiful women talk about their imperfections. To this day those videos remind me that everybody has things they are uncomfortable with. 

To start out this section of my blog, I want to talk about my perfect imperfections. I believe it is SO important to come to terms with who you are and be proud of yourself. In this post, I'll be talking about 3 things I don't like about myself, and 3 things I like about myself. 

Three things I don't like about myself:

My armpits. I have disliked my underarms for as long as I can remember. They are dark, scarred from ingrown hairs, I have super thick hair, the pores are uneven (which partly causes my ingrown hairs), and they are just gross to me. They make me feel uncomfortable when I'm wearing a tank top or a bathing suit. I've tried waxing, been to dermatologists, used prescription gels, done plenty of research and nothing seems to help. Recently, I've been starting laser treatment to remove the hair in my underarms with the hope that my armpits will become prettier. I've seen an improvement, but I am scared they still won't be where I'd like them to be. I have 7 more treatments until I can hopefully be more comfortable in my body. 


My stretch marks. I never went through a massive growth spurt or gained and lost weight, so there really is no explanation for my stretch marks other than the fact that they are just there. It kills me when I see girls with similar body types to mine with no stretch marks. I am in good shape and I love my body, just not all the skin on it. I have stretch marks on my hips, inner and outer thighs, my butt, the back of my knees, and my arms. They really bother me on my butt when I am wearing a bathing suit. I've tried all different creams and natural remedies but nothing works. This is just something I have to come to terms with. 


 My chin. My chin comes out too far and I hate it. It makes me dislike my side profile and if a picture isn't at the perfect angle, then I look so bad because of my chin. This can only be fixed with surgery and that is not something I don't want to do on myself. When I was younger, I didn't smile in pictures because of my chin (and my teeth, but thank goodness for braces). I've hated my chin for so long, but within the past few years I've learned how to smile and pose to lessen my imperfection in photos. 


3 things I like about myself:

My body shape. I love my body. It took me some time, but my body is exactly where I want it to be. Yes, my thighs touch, yes my stomach is not totally toned, yes my boobs are tiny, but I love my body. My butt is so cute, my stomach is flat, my legs are fairly nice, my boobs are well proportioned, my collarbones are killer, and my arms are nice and long. Body image and loving your body are so important and those are all the reasons why I love mine. 


My dark hair and tan skin. When I was a little girl, I desperately wanted to be white and blonde. My favorite princess was Sleeping Beauty, Lizzie McGuire was white and blonde, lots of my friends were white and blonde, and I wanted to look like them. Now that I am older, I realize that we are all different and that is what makes us unique. My dark hair comes from my mother who is the most beautiful woman in the whole world, and my tan skin comes from my Thai background. I love when people tell me I have an exotic look. I am proud to embrace that. 


My smile. The first thing I typically notice about people are their smiles. Many say eyes, but I think smiles are more important. When someone smiles, it's because something made them feel happy. Most of the time you can tell when a smile is real or not, and all genuine smiles are beautiful. I love my genuine smile. My lips are a great size for my face, my teeth are nicely shaped and white (thanks mom and dad), and I like how my nose and cheeks look when I smile too. A real smile never goes out of style and looks good on everybody. 


Sharing my insecurities was not easy. I still have a hard time accepting my flaws no matter how confident I come off. My message is to always try and love yourself. Loving yourself is a lot more fun than pointing out every little blemish. 

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Photos by John.