Beauty Favorites For The Sick Girl

I recently just got over a bad summer cold where my nose, skin, and eyes absolutely hated me. My nose was stuffy, my skin was insanely dry (which I was not used to because I am very oily), and my eyes were puffy and irritated. Here are a list of beauty products I was able to count on to make me feel a little normal again.


1. MAC Fix+. I love MAC Fix+ everyday, but I really love it when I'm sick. A nice spray of refreshing cool water gives the skin more energy and moisture. My skin became super dry from my cold, so I was spraying Fix+ before my foundation, after my foundation, and again when I was completely finished with my makeup. I know that sounds crazy, but it made me and my skin feel tons better. 

2. Egyptian Magic. I absolutely swear by my Egyptian Magic. It's the most moisturizing, versatile product I own and it is all natural. I would lather this stuff all over my face before bed, focusing underneath my eyes, nose, and cheeks because that's where I was the most dry. It helped make my skin a little more comfortable and easy to work with. Even though it's an oil, I would even put some on before my makeup because I desperately needed the extra moisture. I didn't have an issue with this causing my makeup to slip and slide off my face. 

3. Beauty Blender. Not only does this continue to help put the moisture back into my face while used damp, but it felt amazing on my skin. Once I've sprayed Fix+ all over my face, I'd tap it in with my Beauty Blender to really work it into the skin. I loved using it around my eyes because the damp Beauty Blender is so cooling and hydrating in that area. 

4. MAC Cream Base in Shell. Highlighting brings life and glow back into the skin (along with the crazy amount of Fix+ and oil I already used). Cream highlighter when the skin is dry is a necessity. Powder highlight might look too fake and cakey on the skin. I really like the MAC Cream Base in Shell because the color is really natural and it blends so nicely into the skin. 

5. Hot Green Tea and Honey. Not really beauty related, but it was part of my sick routine. My mom is a wonderful woman, and every morning when I was sick she made me hot green tea with a spoon ful of honey to sweeten it. The hot tea felt so good on my throat and opens up my sinuses. Green tea also has a bit of caffeine in it, so it gave me more energy in the morning. 

What products do you like using when you are sick?