School Supplies For College 2015

I've been super nervous to start my first year of college, but getting school supplies definitely calms the nerves! Here's some of the school supplies I got this year. 


Jansport Backpack. This is my first new backpack since 4th grade! I definitely needed a new one, and Jansport is super good quality, so this will probably last me all 4 years of college. I like that it is solid black and then has a suede brown leather bottom. 

Plum Paper Planner. I knew I needed a planner this year because college is supposed to be more independent. I wanted to make sure I was kept organized and a good planner really helps ensure that I get all my assignments done and keep me aware of due dates. Check out my review on my Plum Paper Planner here

Define Bottle. I really wanted to get started with fruit infused water and I knew I needed a water bottle for school. I found this water bottle at Target and I love it. I fill the bottom compartment with fruit (I like lemons and strawberries best) and fill it up with water. I love drinking water by itself, but infusing it with fruit brings extra flavor and vitamins. 

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus. Well, I just needed a calculator for math, and pink is cute. 

Actual School Supplies: Sharpie Highlighters, Paper Mate Ballpoint Pens in Black, BiC 0.5 Mechanical Pencils (I am very high maintenance and will not write with 0.7), Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Pens (my faves), Post-It Flags, and Mead 5-Star 2 Subject Notebooks. 

What was your favorite thing you got for back to school?