How I Survived My First Week Of College

I put together a little list of some tips that really helped me get through my first week of college.


1. Check your email constantly. At the most random times my professors would email me their syllabus and let me know a little bit about themselves and how to find more information on their class. I even got a long awaited email the night before an 8AM. If I would have waited to check my email that morning, I would have felt rushed to print out the syllabus or review important info before the class. 

2. Take a screenshot of your classes (including the building name, room number and instructor) and set it as your wallpaper. A quick glance at your phone can help point you in the right direction, especially if you are in a hurry. I like this method better instead of carrying around a paper copy because 1) I won't look like a total freshman, and 2) so I am never rummaging through my backpack trying to find my schedule. 

3. Be over prepared. It's okay if you have 4 notebooks, 3 highlighters, 10 pens, 5 pencils, and a couple of folders all in your backpack. They are not permanently in there and you never know what you are going to need or how you are going to want to organize for your different classes. 

4. Remember that everyone is just concerned about themselves. No, this does not make them selfish. It just means that it doesn't matter what you wear, how big your backpack is, if you are eating alone at lunch or how you get to where you are going. Nobody is worried or cares about what you do so don't worry about what other people are going to be thinking. People come to college to get educated for themselves, not to sit around and judge other people. 

5. Don't be afraid to ask other students for help. In my first week, I asked many different people questions about where to get somewhere and even how to find my car (I lost it in the parking deck). About 50% of the time, the person I asked was also a freshman wondering the same thing! And the other 50% were extremely helpful upperclassmen. Don't feel scared or intimidated to ask for help. Everyone was new once. 

6. Stay calm and confident. It's just school. You aren't going to be lost forever. Your professor doesn't care if you walk in 5 minutes late for class because you were lost. You'll find where you need to go. You'll eventually find your car. You'll figure out how to work around those long lunch lines and it's okay if you are alone everywhere you go. If you are confident in your ability, that will show and being calm is a hell of a lot more productive than losing your shit. It's new and different now, but remember that it won't be that way forever. Just keep your cool. 

7. Be social. And this is coming from a not very social girl. If someone introduces themselves to you, smile and be friendly. If there is an event that you were invited to, definitely go. If you want to invite someone to an event (especially someone who is new also), don't hesitate. Make sure you ask people questions about themselves. People love answering questions about themselves and it might spark a conversation. You never know who you are going to meet. There are opportunities to make friends at anytime in school, so keep yourself open to new people. 

8. Keep a planner. You're becoming more independent, which brings on more responsibility. You are responsible to keep up with yourself and making sure you get everything done. Nobody is going to tell you what to do or remind you of what you need. Keep a planner to help you stay organized. Here is my review on the Plum Paper Planner

It's Friday night and I'm just thinking about how I just finished my first week of college. This time in my life is almost a milestone. These are the times I've always wondered about. Who will I become, who will I meet, what will I do? College is a whole other world. You are surrounded by students and teachers who have passion. People that want to be there. It's an incredible feeling being around so many people who are driven by a greater purpose. I hope these tips help you, and good luck to your school year!

Let me know how your first week of school went.