ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review + Swatches

During ColourPop's Labor Day Sale, I snatched up a few products I have had my eyes on for a while. Most of them being the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I was super excited about these because liquid lipsticks have been trending for quite sometime now and I only have two from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The ABH ones are a lot more pricey than the ColourPop ones, so I was super interested to see how the ColourPop ones performed. Here are my swatches and review on the ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks:

 Bumble, Avenue, Mars, Tulle, Succulent, Ouija, Trap

Bumble, Avenue, Mars, Tulle, Succulent, Ouija, Trap

 Bumble, Avenue, Mars, Tulle, Succulent, Ouija, Trap

Bumble, Avenue, Mars, Tulle, Succulent, Ouija, Trap

As you can see, these are beautiful. The packing is so fresh and sleek and the swatches are super true to color. Unfortunately, I have a real love/hate relationship with these liquid lipsticks. None of mine go on patchy and they look really beautiful when first applied. After a few minutes though, my lips will begin to look very wrinkly, which isn't the cutest look. They seriously suck out all the moisture from your lips, which stinks because they recommend using these by themselves, so no lip balm. 

The first color I tried was Bumble. Bumble ended up looking a bit coral throughout the day which was strange and my lips were getting extremely chapped and gross. I was not thrilled, but I didn't completely diss them because I wanted at least try and make them work. 

Next color I wore was Succulent. This color was HOT red. Like crazy, in your face, neon orange/red. I really liked it though! It was definitely fun and interesting. Instead of going in bare-lipped, I applied some lip balm that was pretty thick and not slippery. Sort of like the EOS lip balms. I noticed that the lipstick looked a ton better after I applied it and felt way more comfortable than it did with no lip balm. But, after 4 hours, I noticed a small amount of cracking in the center of my lips, and I didn't even eat anything. The cracking and flaking wasn't noticeable far away though, because the lip color left quite a stain to my lips. 

I finally found the trick. I tried on Avenue. I was seriously taken back by this color. It's a deep red but it still manages to be bright. It's a beautiful fall/winter color and I'm so excited to wear it to holiday events. I wore the lip balm underneath Avenue, and throughout the day if I noticed my lips starting to flake or feel uncomfortable, I would apply the lip balm over my lipstick. None of the pigmentation would get lost and my lips would feel normal again. The only downside is that the lipstick won't be as matte anymore and it does transfer if you apply the lip balm. But, the color will be just as beautiful. 

Another thing that was a bit upsetting is that it is difficult to mix shades. I wanted to mix Trap and Tulle together to lighten Tulle up a bit, bit the liquid lipsticks dry too quickly for it to come out well. 

Overall, I think these are workable. As long as you wear a non moisturizing lip balm underneath these liquid lipsticks, I think they are really great, especially for $6. I would much rather have to work a little extra to make these work than spend more money on a similar product. I think these will be my go-to lipsticks for when I am photographing my makeup or when I am going somewhere for a short amount of time. I would not rely on these to hold up for an entire day. 

What are your thoughts on the ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks?