SOHO Naturals 9 Piece Brush Set Review

I stumbled upon an amazing find when I went to TJ Maxx to replenish my Batise Dry Shampoo (ya girl can't live without it). Usually TJ Maxx is pretty messy, but it looked super organized and they got tons of new things! I spent much longer in there than I had planned to, and this new brush set was one of the things I ended up leaving with. Here is my review on the SOHO Naturals 9 Piece Brush Set. 


What set this apart from all the other adorable brush sets was the Contour Face Brush. I've had my eyes on a contour brush for a while, but I never knew which one to get. Since this brush set came with one, I figured I might as well pick this one since it came with a brush type I've never tried before. For all 8 brushes and the cute little brush holder it was $20. I think that is a great deal considering all the brushes are usable and the brush holder is so adorable and is great for travel. 

The SOHO Naturals claims their brush handles are made from bamboo, their bristles are cruelty and nylon free, and they come in recycled packaging. I found mine at TJ Maxx, but the website says you can find the SOHO beauty brand at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Ulta,, and Harmon. I have personally only seen this brand at TJ Maxx and I live in the Charlotte, NC area. 

My first impression of these was that they were so soft. The Powder Brush isn't as dense as a Real Techniques Brush, but it still feels like great quality. The Contour Highlighting Brush reminds me of a stippling brush, but all the bristles are the same length. The brush I was most excited for, the Contour Face Brush, is kind of small lengthwise, but widthwise it is the perfect shape for me to get that defined look.

The Smudging Brush and the All Over Eyeshadow Brush are perfect eyeshadow brushes. I feel like the Smudging Brush would be better as an inner corner or brow bone eyeshadow brush because when I think of a Smudging Brush I think of a brush with short, dense bristles. But, I still like the brush, just don't agree with the name. The All Over Eyeshadow Brush is great for getting eyeshadow all over your lid. I love these kinds of brushes because they pick up shadow well and distribute it nice and evenly. The Angled Eyeshadow Brush is small and thin, great for gel liner.

The two brushes I don't like are the Foundation Brush and the Concealer Brush. Although they are soft and smooth, I really dislike this kind of brush. I don't see a point in either of them because I can never just use these brushes on their own. I can apply the foundation or concealer to my face with them, but I always have to go in with a buffing brush to blend everything out. My dislike for these brushes is for personal reasons. I wish that they would have thrown in a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush instead of the concealer brush and maybe a angled face brush instead of the foundation brush. Maybe a suggestion for your next brush set, SOHO? :) 

My favorites from this brush set are the Powder Brush, Contour Face Brush, and All Over Eyeshadow Brush. I get the most use out of these brushes. I love the powder brush because it's so soft and fluffy and I think it's a great shape. The shape of it is a little flatter than your regular powder brush but I love that for when I am cleaning up my contour with a lighter powder and it fits under the eyes really well. The Contour Face Brush is amazing. I really love using this to define the hallows of my cheeks and I've been really liking it around my jaw line too. The All Over Eyeshadow Brush is awesome too. It picks up the eyeshadow well and it adds eyeshadow on my lid beautifully. It's a great multi-use brush also because it is fluffy and soft enough to blend shadows out. 

Overall, I'm so glad I picked these brushes up. They are really affordable and great quality. They didn't shed when I washed them, and I love how they look too. They look very sleek and sturdy. I am also glad they have real names! If you see this set at your TJ Maxx, don't think twice about picking it up. A makeup lover can never have too many makeup brushes :)

What is your favorite brush brand?