Things To Do Before Bed For a Better Tomorrow

How your morning goes might be an indication of how your rest of your day is going to be. A pleasant morning most likely will bring a smooth and easy day. A stressful morning might make you unproductive and scatter brained. Here are some things you can do the night before to make sure your morning is stress free and smooth sailing.  

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Plan out your week. I highly suggest getting a planner. If you are a college student like me, your classes expect a lot of outside work from you. I need to keep a planner to keep myself organized and make sure I don't forget anything. I like to plan out my week Sunday night or Monday so I have a visual of what my week is going to look like and a timeframe for when everything needs to get done. I like to include my classes for each day, the times for them, my work schedule and all my school work. I use the Plum Paper Planner

Check your email. I always check my school email right before bed incase I get an email from one of my professors or about an event that is happening on campus. Some of my professors are kind enough to send reminders on homework or quizzes. Of course I add any important dates to my planner. 

Set out your clothes. Especially if you have school in the morning or work, you want to make sure you are prepared to prevent hectic mornings. For me, a hectic morning creates an unpleasant rest of my day. I like to set my clothes out for myself the night before. Not only does it save me time in the morning, but it also creates less stress for myself. How many times have you tried to pick clothes out in the morning and gotten flustered because you "can't find anything" in your closet?

Pack your backpack or work bag. I like to pack my backpack the night before. I'll make sure I have all the right notebooks and textbooks I need so I don't need to bother looking for them in the morning. It also prevents forgetting something. Too many times I've been running late and forgot to print off an important piece of paper and I'll feel crazy trying to get everything together before I have to leave. 

Do some stretching. Stretching before bed is extremely beneficial to your physical and mental health. It is relaxing, a great stress reliever and helps you sleep better. 

Set a few minutes to yourself. Just yourself. Close your laptop, turn your phone off, close the door, take a seat or lay down and just reflect. Reflect on your day. Reflect on the people you spoke to and the people you didn't. Think of ways your day could have been different and think of ways to make your tomorrow better. Think about yourself. Are you happy? Are you surrounding yourself with positive people and activities? How can you make it better? In this day in age, we submerge ourselves in technology whenever we have free time. I'm guilty of being on my phone the second I wake up and falling asleep at night while watching YouTube videos. We need to start spending more time thinking on our own. Get in the habit of giving yourself just 5 minutes before bed to think and reflect. This can help you become a better you

What are some things you like doing before bed to prepare you to have a better tomorrow?