New Hobby: My Succulent Garden

If you've ever seen a Succulent Plant, you know how pretty and adorable they are. I knew I wanted to try them out and I figured they would look great as props in a lot of my blog photos. My neighbor has a small box of succulents outside her door and she gave me a Hen and Chick one to start with. When I got home with it, I spent a whole lot of time on Pinterest pinning different types of succulents and finding inspiration for how I want to plant and arrange mine. 


My mom works at a gardening place. They sell beautiful succulents and planters there and I was able to use her discount. 


Putting together my succulent garden was super fun and I'm already thinking of more ideas for other ways I can plant succulents. 


I layered the bottom of the pot with some rocks and charcoal for drainage and to keep everything fresh. Then I added lots of soil (specifically for succulents) and dug little holes to add my plants. Once the plants were in their new home, I added these nice small rocks over the dirt to give it a brighter and more clean look. I really love how everything turned out!

I am going to wait a little while until I water them because the soil was very damp already and they do not strive with a ton of moisture. I plan on buying a spray bottle to water them with do the amount of water they get is very minimal. I am also keeping it by my window so they get some sunlight during the day. If you are knowledgable on these plants, let me know any tips you have! 

Do you have any succulent plants?