My Current Favorite Apps

I'm not really an app-craze person, so when I find an app that I really like, it's worth sharing. Lately I have been downloading a lot of Apps that I wanted to share on here because they are fun, useful and definitely going to be on my phone for a while. Here are my current favorite Apps:


KYLIE App and Kim Kardashian West App

When I found out that Kylie Jenner created an app where she was going to post videos of her makeup artist doing her makeup, I could not get to the app store quick enough. Out of all the Kardashians and Jenners, I like Kylie the best because of her style and of course her makeup. So I downloaded the KYLIE App and even paid the $3 a month subscription. I was scared the videos were going to be silly 2 minute videos where the artist does not even share what products they are using, but I was pleasantly surprised! The videos are a decent length, about six minutes, and it shares every product used and the price. Shortly after, I downloaded the KKW App too because I knew Kim posted makeup videos on her app as well. I think it is a neat change to watch celebrities getting their makeup done and seeing exactly what products they are using, especially because I am so interested in all things beauty related. Both the apps share other topics like fashion and life updates, but I am really just there for the makeup videos. 

Facetune App

Facetune has changed everything about picture editing for me. I always knew about Facetune, but I did not know about how magical it was until I saw Maddi Bragg's video on how she edits her Instagram pictures. She demonstrated how she uses the Whitening feature to whitening different parts of her video. I felt so amazed but so stupid at the same time because I have needed something like this for so long. The app is so simple to use and has some great features that don't make your photo look too fake or too edited. Another great feature is that you can tune certain parts of your photo, so if one part of a brown table has a shadow, and you want it to all be the same shade of brown, you can use the tuning feature to fix it. 

Bloglovin' App

I'm still fairly new to Bloglovin' and if you don't follow me then please do! Recently, I started following blogs back on Bloglovin'. I am not sure why I did not think of doing this before, but I love having all my favorite blogs right in one app. I get updates whenever one of the blogs I follow posts something new and I can go down my feed and see different posts from all different blogs. It is also a great tool to be introduced to new blogs. I've been loving the Bloglovin' App recently and I check it more than other social media! I highly recommend it for those of you who don't even have a blog because you can still get updates on blogs you like to read. 

Khan Academy App

I use Khan Academy a lot to teach myself math and get a better understanding of how to work out problems. The way the guy behind the videos describes each step is so simple and easy to understand. My current math professor has a heavy accent and I find it difficult to understand him most of the time, so I like using Khan Academy to go back and review what I missed in class. I recently found out that there is a Khan Academy App, which is so cool! I can watch videos whenever and wherever I am and even add videos to different folders to keep them close and organized. Khan Academy also has videos on science, SAT prep and more. 

What are your current favorite apps?