How To Wake Up Beautiful

Mornings can be rough for our appearance. Messy hair, tired raccoon eyes, and lifeless skin are not usually flattering. Here are some steps you can take to have you feeling and looking like the best you can be when you wake up in the morning. 


1. Remove ALL your makeup. Being fresh faced is so important before bed. Let that skin breathe, baby! Your pores do not want to be suffocated all night with makeup and dirt. Remove all your makeup and cleanse your face using your favorite face wash, or even a toner. I use something as light as baby soap to wash my face before bed because it is gentle and removes all the left over dirt and makeup my makeup removing wipes didn't get. Waking up with a clean face is so much more fresh than waking up with a dirty one.

2. Slash your face with cold water. Slashing your face with cold water before bed will help reduce your puffy eyes and soothe redness. Especially if you've been crying, splashing your face with cold water will help tremendously so you won't wake up with huge puffy eyes. 

3. Apply moisturizer. Everywhere. It is so important to moisturize your body, especially your face. After you remove your makeup and wash your face, apply some hydrating lotion. Oily girls, this is your time to embrace the oil. Who cares if you look like you are drenched in oil before bed, nobody will see you! Your face will absorb all the moisture while you're sleeping and your skin will look so hydrated and soft in the morning. I also love applying lotion to my legs before bed because I feel like it gets the circulation in my legs moving and it also makes them super soft. 

4. Avoid sodium before bed. If you eat foods that are high in sodium before bed, your body will retain water more which will make you bloated. When I first started working at Chipotle, I was getting home later and having to eat dinner around 9:30. I'd eat leftover Chipotle which is pretty high in sodium, and I noticed my face would be super puffy in the mornings. It was most likely from all the sodium I was eating before bed. Also, eating foods that have high sodium can make you feel drowsy and cause you to have irregular sleeping patterns, which isn't good for your beauty sleep. 

5. Brush your hair before bed. This is a no brainer, but a lot of the time I am too lazy to brush my hair before bed. But when I do, I notice a huge difference. My hair is a lot easier to manage in the morning and it's much softer and smooth. Another thing you could do is apply a small amount of hair oil to the ends of your hair. Your hair will soak in the oil while you are sleeping and you'll wake up with even softer hair.

6. Use a satin or silk pillow case. This is something not many people think about, but your pillow case could be causing a lot of damage to your hair. One winter, I had a flannel pillow case. It was so warm and comfortable, but my hair become extremely damaged from the fabric rubbing on my hair and pulling it. I went out and bought a satin pillow case and I will never look back. My hair has thanked me so much for this small investment. It is so much less damaged and more soft than ever. Since it doesn't tug on your hair, your hair will be less messy when you wake up too. I spent just $10 on mine at Bed Bath & Beyond. 

7. Exfoliate lips and apply a all natural lip balm. I use a mixture of coconut oil and sugar to exfoliate my lips. It removes all the dead skin that causes the look of chapped lips and leaves them rosy and plump. Something interesting that I notice is that when I use a regular lip balm, I wake up with it just sitting on my lips not doing anything. An all natural lip balm really hydrates my lips and ensures that they will be nice and soft when I wake up. I like just using pure coconut oil on my lips before bed. 

What is involved in your night time routine?