Viseart Neutral Mattes Eyeshadow Palette Comparisons, Dupes and Swatches

In this post I'm going to be comparing the Viseart Neutral Matte eyeshadow palette to several different all matte palettes including The Balm, Kat Von D, LORAC, and Stila along with sharing swatches a few different shades in the Viseart palette compared to popular individual matte shadows. I hope you find this helping in deciding if this $80 palette is going to make it's way in your collection.


Viseart Neutral Mattes Palette compared to LORAC PRO Matte Palette


Viseart Neutral Mattes Palette compared to Stila Eyes Are The Window Mind Palette


Viseart Neutral Mattes Palette compared to Kat Von D Ladybird True Romance Palette


Viseart Neutral Mattes Palette compared to The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette


Play! by Sephora January 2017

I've been receiving the Play! by Sephora box for several months now and I absolutely love it. In the past, I filmed myself unboxing Play! but I've decided to move it to my blog. 


Each month Sephora will send you 5 deluxe samples and 1 perfume sample for $10. So far I've been so happy with each month and find that there are usually several samples that are useful to me. This month's box is great!


Ouai Treatment Masque

Ouai is a fairly popular hair care brand and I've received products from this brand a few times through this subscription box. I've really liked everything I've tried but haven't gotten a chance to use this hair mask yet. Just know that I look forward to trying it out.


Tarte FRXXXTION Stick Exfoliating Cleanser

This skincare product from Tarte is certainly interesting. It was neat to receive a sample size of one of the newer products at Sephora. They are usually really good about sticking a couple of new releases in the subscription boxes. I know I had my eyes on this product and was curious to try it. Thankfully I was able to try this sample first. I've got to say, I'm impressed. Before I used it, I made sure to remove my makeup and cleanse my face with some gentle soap. For some reason, applying this stick directly to an unclean face gives me the heebie-jeebies. Maybe because stick products are usually a breeding ground for bacteria. However, I applied the stick on my face just like I would with a foundation stick, except I targeted it on areas I needed extra exfoliating. So, my forehead, chin and nose. I rubbed the exfoliator into my face using circle motions and rinsed with warm water.  Afterwards, my face felt SO smooth. I was very happy with the results and I plan on using this sample up to it's last drop. If I end up purchasing the full size, I'll be sure to include it in a post on my blog or my YouTube channel. 


Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream

This moisturizer is super thick and one of those products that you know does a good job. I used it one night and couldn't stop feeling my face. It almost felt as though I used a silicone primer but in a moisturizing formula, if that makes any sense. I think it did a nice job moisturizing, but I don't know if I would try it under makeup. It's slick, silicone feel leads me to believe my makeup would slip and slide on top of this. I think I'll use this sample up, but I don't see myself purchasing the full size, especially not with that $60 price tag. 


It Cosmetics CC Cream in Medium

I love that they included this as a sample! It's the perfect size for traveling or something tiny to keep in your purse. This product is one of my favorite foundations of all time and a sample size of it is so handy. Luckily, medium is a good shade for me, however I can't see it working for every single person on the Play! by Sephora mailing list. I always wonder how these subscription boxes accommodate for that, if they do. 


Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

This perfect raspberry tint has been in my purse ever since I received this box. I absolutely adore shades like these. This lip product is hydrating and gives a beautiful raspberry tint to your lips. I can't vouch for the longevity of this product, because its one of those things that you apply and then forget about. It's just an easy lipstick and I love products like that. 

What subscription boxes do you receive? 

MEMEBOX Heimish #BreezeBeige Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

MEMEBOX recently sent me this Heimish #BreezyBeige Eyeshadow Palette. I never heard of this brand before so I was excited to dig in and get to swatching. This palette is filled with 8 very neutral eyeshadow shades, ranging from cool to neutral tones. 


The sleek, matte black packaging gives this palette a professional look. I love simple packaging. It also comes with a great sized mirror. I will say, however, I feel as though the clasp to open and close the palette is not very secure. I would be worried to travel with this palette. I'd be afraid it would open up in my bag. Maybe leave it in the original packaging if you are going to be traveling with it?


One aspect of the palette that caught my eye were the beautiful glittery shades. I refer to those as "eyeshadow toppers." These types of shades basically top off any eyeshadow look, making your makeup just a little extra sparkly. I love working with eyeshadows like that, and find that only a few brands do them well. I really think they can make a simple look into something special, and that goes for this palette too. At first glance, this palette seems a bit plain. Those sparkly eyeshadow topper shades really set this palette apart from just another set of neutral eyeshadows. 

Shockingly, this eyeshadow brush that comes with the palette is pretty useful. If you are limited on brushes, you can create a fairly decent eyeshadow look with just this duo ended brush. Use the tip of the fluffy sided brush to blend color into the crease, and then turn the brush on it's side to pack color on the lid. Use the more dense, "packing," brush to apply the sparkly shades onto the lid (if you don't want to use your fingers).


Each shadow swatched out smoothly and but not overly pigmented. I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing, however. In a more flattering phrase, it's just not as intense as popular palettes we are used to seeing everyday. This palette is definitely more on the natural side of the makeup spectrum and probably geared more towards people who like a more toned down look. I had no issue blending these shadows out and enjoyed working with them. As you can see, most of your attention is probably drawn to those sparkly shades. They are beautiful. I had a lot of fun working with those and incorporating them into my look to make things more exciting. 

Overall, I think this palette is geared to a specific audience. People looking for a minimal look that can easily be turned into something a little more daring. I also think this palette would be better suited for those who don't have a very extensive collection. I could easily dupe these shades in my collection, so personally, I probably wouldn't think twice about this palette if I saw it in stores. That being said, I am glad I own it, purely because of those two eyeshadow toppers. I appreciate those additions to my collection and there's no doubt they'll be making more appearances in other looks. This palette retails for $32 on the MEMEBOX website. 

If you want to save 20% on your purchase with MEMEBOX, you can use my referral link. The discount is good for any purchase over $25 and in order to get free shipping you must spend $35. 

Kylie Jenner Made Me Buy It: Lipstick

Before the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, people would search for hours looking for what exact Kylie was wearing on her lips like it was some big secret. Me being one of those people! I bought lipsticks strictly based on rumors of what she was wearing. We have similar coloring, so I figured what looked good on her would look good on me. Needless to say, these lipsticks are some of my favorites in my collection.  


1. Whirl by MAC

2. Velvet Teddy by MAC  

3. Touch of Spice by Maybelline  

4. Whirl Lip Pencil by MAC  

5. Spice Lip Pencil by MAC  

Each lipstick has that beautiful pinky brown color combination that looks incredibility different on all skin tones. On my medium skin, it's one of my favorite colors. It gives almost a my lip color but better vibe that I'm always gravitating towards. I'm still wanting to get my hands on some of those Lip Kits and even her new Metal Matte Lipsticks look stunning. 

Have you tried anything from Kylie Cosmetics? 

New from BH Cosmetics: feat. Brow Palette, Foiled Eyeshadow Palette, Contour Palette

The last time I made a purchase from BH Cosmetics was too long ago for me to remember. Since then, however, they've released so many new products. The one item that sparked my purchase was the Foiled Eyes 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette. I've had my eyes on those stunning Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows, but they are $10 a piece and those can add up considering they are all do beautiful. I figured I'd give the bh Cosmetics palette a shot since I was able get 28 foiled shadows for $12. I also picked up a few other newer items including a contour palette and brow powder palette. Here are some swatches and mini reviews:

bh cosmetics haul

BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette

foiled eyeshadow
foiled eyeshadow
foiled eyeshadow
foiled eyeshadow
foiled eyeshadow

Check out the swatches from that last row. How breath taking are those?? Overall, I am so impressed with the pigmentation and color range you get from this $12 palette. I am totally in love with that second to last copper shade and that first champagne shade in the third row. You can create some beautiful looks with this palette and the colors come out even more intense over a sticky base. I will say though that they aren't all winners, as you can see from the swatches. I think BH Cosmetics could have taken a few of their best foiled shadows and made a smaller palette out of it instead of trying to do it all. Some of them are definitely more of just satins and shimmers than foiled. But the good colors you do get make up for those that are lacking, in my opinion. 

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Contour Palette

contour palette
contour palette
contour palette

I picked this guy up for just $14. I think it is suiting for a large range of skin tones, which is awesome but this palette is lacking a cool contour shade. All the contour shades are very warm and even the lightest shows up as more of a bronzer on my medium skin. I really love the highlighting shades. That banana powder is super brightening and I can always appreciate that for under my eyes. These also kick up quite a bit of powder, but I haven't experienced them going on patchy. Just use a light hand and blend blend blend!

BH Cosmetics Brow Palette

brow palette
brow palette
brow palette
brow palette

I don't love using powder in my brows to begin with, and unfortunately this brow palette doesn't have a shade that suits me well enough. The brow powders they picked are all too light, and the two that aren't just don't look right. One has way too much red in it and the other is way too ashy. Also, I am not entirely sure about what you are supposed to do with those creamy shades. They aren't waxy enough to hold your brow hairs in place so I don't completely see the point. I just don't think this brow palette offers enough of a variety and I probably wouldn't bother picking this up. 

For the price, I think the Foiled Eyeshadow Palette and the Pro Contour Palette are really great products. If you are looking for a fun palette to experiment with, the Foiled Eyeshadow Palette has some beautiful bright shades to create fun looks with and also some really nice neutral shades to brighten up your daily look. The Pro Contour Palette is a decent inexpensive alternative to some of the more expensive contour palettes out there, but I'd steer clear of it if I had a lighter skin color. Lastly, the Brow Palette just didn't do it for me. The color range wasn't enough and I felt like the quality could have been better. I look forward to playing around with that Foiled Eyeshadow Palette more. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel because I might post a look using it. 

Have you tried anything new from BH Cosmetics?